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Apel Foam spray 850G

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Apel Foam spray 850G


Apel PU Professional Foam (Gun Foam) is a single component, moisture curing, insulation, and installation foam. It is applicable with a foam gun for installing door and window frames in the construction industry.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Can bond different types of materials.
  • No shrinkage.
  • It has a gap-filling feature.
  • Cures with the moist in the air and gets a rigid form after cured.
  • Heat, water and acoustic insulation.
  • Durable against UV rays.
  • Low expansion, high performance.
  • Stable rigid form after cured.

Application Area

It can be used to bond insulation panels of different kinds of surfaces. Can be used to fill the gaps between joints and insulation panels. Door and window frame installation. To fil gaps in the wall-cracks. Isolation of electrical and natural gas systems.

  • PF310
1.45 KWD