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Apel Membrane Press Glue

MİTREAPEL Membrane Press Glue is a polyurethane-based, water-based dispersion glue used in automatic balloon and vacuum membrane press machines and applied in bonding processes of PVC membrane foils to MDF material. There are two types, one-component and two-component. A higher heat resistance is obtained when the two-component membrane press glue is mixed with a certain amount of hardener.

Features :

• Easy to use with a glue gun.

• Absolutely no clogging or freezing with 1.8 - 2,4mm nozzle guns.

• Excellent gap filling and surface adhesion• 45 minutes after use. Then it is ready to use.

• Long open time up to ~8 hours.

• It does not create an orange peel appearance on the surfaces.

Areas of application: 

• High heat and humidity resistance.

• Membrane cover and panel production.• It is used in the production of membrane doors

  • PA326
80.00 KWD