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Apel Superglue Spray 400ML

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Apel Superglue Spray 400ML

SUPER-FAST CURING SPEED: This super glue activator spray will instantly cure the glue in no time at all. Bonding time is reduced to mere seconds when using this spray.
Product Details:

Super-fast curing speed instantly cures super glue in mere seconds
Works on multiple surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, rubber, leather, and more
No nails, clamps, or fastening devices necessary for the application
Multipurpose use for household tasks, hobbies, and crafts
Chemical reaction optimized for use with Mitreapel Glue brand
Convenient aerosol activator designed to increase the bonding strength of cyanoacrylate adhesive

  • AC400
1.75 KWD